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Milton E. Alvis, Jr., M.D. P.A.         

Client Empowerment - Disease Prevention

Dr. Alvis' and our staff's chosen mission is to empower clients to both better understand and protect their health, ideally decades before they would otherwise finally become symptomatic; an unpleasant and expensive to change state which most humans assume will never happen, yet routinely does; eventually.

For example. artery (any blood vessel carrying blood away from the heart to the body) disease (atherosclerosis) has been known, for over 8 decades (from autopsy studies within the United States) to be present in half the population by later childhood, yet remain without symptoms for decades. Why? Because the disease in within the walls of arteries, body wide. As the disease progresses, the artery walls thicken and the artery outer diameter enlarges, at each location, in precise proportion to the amount of disease present; the inside openings do not change, thus compensating for the disease with no effect on blood flow, not showing on angiograms; definitely not stress-tests (all forms).

Basic principles: None of us are perfect, staying alive is both a challenge and offers many opportunities. 

We all have issues and live in a time in which we are routinely bombarded with huge amounts of sales for money; most of which is not in our personal best interests.

The medical industry is routinely promoted as High-Tech. But is it really? Or is this just marketing?

Dr. Alvis' take: the latter. Why? Because the real High Tech is within.

(Humans are embodied Souls connected to a complex mind operating with a complex complex computer (commonly referred to as a brain), sending well over 1,000,000 orders/second brain to vehicle (body) 24/7, a vehicle created during embryological development largely as a result of orders from the brain and a vehicle which sends well over 1,000,000 orders/second back to the brain 24/7.)

So who is primarily in control of all this High Tech? Each individual.

And for each individual, who is their primary medical/health/life decision maker, physician if you will?

They are, no one else.

The son of an usual physician committed to excellence of long term outcomes, Dr. Alvis went to medical medical school after serving and later leaving duty as a USAF pilot Instructor in supersonic jet aircraft. In that job, he was awarded for outstanding performance, subsequently assigned to teach experience pilots how to teach more effectively, selected as a special assistant to the Wing Commander to write a previously non-existent Wing self-inspection manual, was recalled to this extra-duty job several times and subsequently received two additional unusual offers for further experience and advancement, possibly to general officer, had he wanted to remain a USAF officer, pilot and commander.

It was during this experience, in the USAF, that Dr. Alvis began to better appreciate the huge differences in conventional medicine approaches compared with the vastly wider viewpoint approaches routinely used by his father along with the far better and long-lasting outcomes which most client's experienced, far beyond the usual expensive band-aid approaches of the conventional, body mechanic only approach, of the majority of the medical industry. As a child, Dr. Alvis senior had warned that nominal "Hi-Tech" medical was routinely only bandaid therapy for people problems; that his son (if he cared about others) should avoid becoming a physician. However, in the decades since Dr. Alvis Sr. had come to understand many issues about human beings, many interrelated issues of life and had become able to empower others to find vastly more powerful underlying reasons and solutions to physical health issues as just one aspect of many interactive life issues. Now becoming a physician offered a very different, challenging yet hopeful perspective for problem solving, vastly beyond supersonic machines created to kill.

Dr. Alvis worked, part-time, throughout medical (school so as to avoid debt) and graduated high in his class, though no longer number one (not a primary goal) given outside commitments.

Dr. Alvis competed an internal medicine residency at Tulane affiliated hospitals, 1982-1985. During that time, he was recruited, though never applied for additional fellowship training in nephrology (kidney diseases), cardiology (heart & cardiovascular diseases), pulmonary (lung disease) and chief resident. While he declined all these offers, some for nearly 3 years, he later accepted the cardiology in the only private hospital in the Tulane system, and completed the cardiology fellowship before moving back to San Antonio in 1989 and beginning an independent practice in cardiology, internal medicine and other areas.

Since 1996, Dr. Alvis, initiated by requests from clients, became & has been a Federal Aviation Administration AME (Aviation Medical Examiner).