The vast majority of

health & disease issues

are hidden within; until symptoms finally become obvious.

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Milton Alvis. M.D.

We specialize in helping clients better understand & protect their health, optimally Before Disease & Symptoms become apparent or disabling. Read More


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Milton E. Alvis, Jr., M.D. P.A.         

Client Empowerment - Disease Prevention

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Self-pay is preferred. Why? Because these clients are usually easier to help, this reduces costs & increases flexibility for both clients & for us. Many public & private plans will also help with expenses.

New client visits are commonly two hours, different time arrangements can be made. Please specify desires.

​​Heart, brain & body cardiovascular (artery) disease are the most common health problems in all first world countries; these issues are emphasized.

Many of the same issues which drive artery disease also drive obesity, Diabetes, cancer & many other diseases more common in Western cultures.

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Monday - Thursday: 9:00 - 5:00

Other times are available,

by appointment only,

for established clients.

Dr. Alvis has extensive engineering experience, is a former pilot instructor in USAF supersonic jet aircraft, recognized for outstanding performance, is working on transforming the medical industry into focusing on health and disease prevention, is a internationally recognized expert on, offers more detailed answers to questions on and has made many contributions to

Accurate knowledge offers power.

Life successes & failures result

from the knowledge, beliefs, philosophies and goals which we implement.

Each person's primary

medical decision maker,

physician if you will,

is always themselves.